The Boundless Show
The Boundless Show

Life is challenging for Christian singles. How do you balance work and personal life? How do you own your faith? How can you date with a purpose? And prepare for marriage? All while honoring God through it all? Hit up The Boundless Show, a Christian podcast for young adults, for some good, honest conversation. The young adult years are full of possibility and choices that shape who you become. Join host Lisa Anderson to discuss the highs and lows, lean on each other, and trust God in this important season of adulthood.

Summer Plans: Episode 854
byFocus on the Family

What will make this a great summer? Plus, a biblical approach to grief and trauma, and does sporadic Bible reading make you a bad Christian?      

Featured musical artist: Aaron Shust

Roundtable: Summer Planning Tips

Summer is upon us, and that means long days, warm weather, outdoor activities and vacations (except for you southern hemisphere folks — sorry!). In order to maximize the season, should you plan your every decision or be as spontaneous as possible? Our guests share what they’re excited about doing this summer, how they pace themselves with summer obligations, and they’ll offer ideas for making summer unique, fun and fulfilling.

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Culture: Healing What You Can’t Erase

All of us have experienced grief, hardship, and even trauma. When your soul feels exhausted, where do you go for help? Christopher Cook is candid about how the death of his mother followed by an unexpected medical diagnosis sent him into a tailspin. He was faced with giving in or pushing through. Biblical truth plus concrete strategies for addressing toxic thoughts helped him choose the latter. Learn about it all in this week’s conversation.   

Healing What You Can’t Erase: Transform Your Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual Health from the Inside Out

Inbox: Should I Read the Bible Daily?

If you don’t read the Bible every day, does that make you a terrible Christian? Counselor Rob Jackson weighs in.  

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