The Boundless Show
The Boundless Show

Life is challenging for Christian singles. How do you balance work and personal life? How do you own your faith? How can you date with a purpose? And prepare for marriage? All while honoring God through it all? Hit up The Boundless Show, a Christian podcast for young adults, for some good, honest conversation. The young adult years are full of possibility and choices that shape who you become. Join host Lisa Anderson to discuss the highs and lows, lean on each other, and trust God in this important season of adulthood.

Are You a Lifelong Learner?: Episode 789
byFocus on the Family

Keeping yourself motivated to learn, plus navigating mental health issues and dating, and some of Lisa’s favorite Scriptures.

Featured musical artist: Aaron Shust

Roundtable: How to Love Learning

Whether you’re still in school or have long since graduated, you should always strive to grow and try new things. But where do you get started? Our guests share their journeys with learning, including why getting outside your comfort zone is a good thing, finding opportunities to learn new things, and if they had to try something new, what would it be?

Culture: Mental Health Struggles and Dating

Many have written to us wondering if their mental health struggles might keep them from ever entering the dating pool. To bring some clarity on what’s needed to be ready to date, we invited Dr. Danny Huerta to the conversation. He’ll share the most common mental health struggles, how to know if you’re healthy enough to date, and when mental health issues are a red flag.

Link to Counseling Services

What is Mental Health and Why Is It Important for Your Family?

Inbox: Lisa’s Favorite Scriptures 

Have you ever wondered what Lisa Anderson’s favorite Bible verses are and why? She answers that very question this week.

Are You a Lifelong Learner?: Episode 789
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